The Sourcing Trends 2019 programme is becoming increasingly concrete

The Obtaining the right ingredients and raw materials for a growing organic and trend market remains an important topic. Price versus quality and origin from reliable source. Which sources of supply can I rely on? Which superfood trends will prevail? The networking conference, which almost all participants are always in favour of the annual continuation, naturally gives an introduction to current figures and developments in the market.

Some of the other topics are already predictable: In the face of growing organic consumption, the question of securing raw materials for cereals, legumes, protein products, superfoods, gluten-free raw materials plays a role. And then there is the automatic question of what technological advances have been made in the processing of intermediates.

Our partner Eurofins puts this year’s contribution under the theme: Quality assurance in international supply chains in a complex legal environment.

Supply with many practical examples from the supply chain of raw materials (organic, organic).

Key words could be: supplier approval, evaluation, focus areas in supplier management, risk analyses.

Aspects of authenticity / food fraud could be supplemented. In my view, the robust supply chain, in which supply chain and foodfraud risks are effectively assessed and controlled, is important.

From the range of superfoods, HanfFarm and Hempro offer current insights into the supply and demand on the subject of hemp, hemp products and hemp protein as well as certainly also the current state of play about the discussion about hemp as a novel food.

Protein-rich vegetarian and vegan products remain in the spotlight due to the positive market development. Here, too, a contribution by Berthold Dreher has already been confirmed: “Oil mill Oberschwaben – protein flours and trends in the organic oil sector”

We can already mention them as more controversial topics. the permanent topic of palm oil is presented to us by specialists of the company Daabon from our own cultivation in a completely different way. Of course, not all the issues have been fixed in the effort to be topical.

For organisational reasons, the date for the following year has already been set: The Sourcing Trends 2020 will take place again at Haus Rissen on 15.09. and 16.09.2020. Please note this again.

The format of the networking conference has proven its worth, as has the place where haus Rissen will finally have a guest house in 2019, so that participants will find good accommodation on site. Registration to download here Binding registration 2019

Post time: Jun-21-2019
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