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Pallet wrapping machines have been designed to help reduce the amount of packaging that is used on outgoing products, reduce the amount of packaging material that is wasted by inefficient wrapping and reduce the need for human labour to be used for what is a pretty simple manual task. Wrapping Machines operate by wrapping a flexible packaging material, (usually paper, aluminum or plastic film), around a product or group of products. Generally a pallet will be loaded into position and the packaging material attached to the pallet, a button is then pressed and the machine will simultaneously rotate the pallet whilst moving the packaging material up and down thereby ensuring that it is completely covered.

Making sure you choose the right pallet wrap machine for your manufacturing centre or distribution facility is absolutely essential and requires careful consideration. Selecting the wrong type of pallet wrapping equipment can have repercussions far beyond the initial expense of the machine. When buying a pallet wrapper you should bear in mind that it should be treat as a medium to long-term financial investment. Selecting the right machine should ensure that it is still in service years after it was purchased, even in high volume operations. That it is why it is not recommended that you base your buying decision primarily on the price of the equipment, you may end up paying out a lot more in the long run if the machine was not right for you.

You will want to make sure that the equipment will be easy to maintain and service in the future, by buying the cheapest model you could find you could end up with a more obscure make of machine making it hard to find spare parts further down the line.

Buying a used pallet wrapper may be the option you want to go down to restrict the initial financial outlay, it is wise though to try to get as much information on the machine as possible before parting with any money. For example you will want to know where and when it was used in production last, when it was last serviced and has it recently had any components replaced.

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